We love to talk about all the wonderful features of Rio Retreat Center and the amazing work that takes place here, but we know it’s also helpful to hear what others have to say about us. Here’s just a sampling of some reviews shared by past workshop participants.

What Our Attendees Say

“Truly spiritual experience. Life-changing, exceptional.”

“This place is amazing. Everyone should come here.”

“Staff is exceptional at every point of contact.”

“Rio Retreat Center is a serene, healing place.”

“I made an enormous emotional breakthrough. I’m grateful for the care in guiding me through the process.”

“This is the most important thing I have done for myself, and I will always be grateful for this time.”

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My workshop experience at the Rio Retreat Center was truly a work of art. The highly refined program was comprehensive in scope while also very specific to my needs. With comfortable guidance from my wonderful and expert facilitators, I was able to gain a highly valuable perspective from our group dynamic while also receiving genuine individual attention with care. The clear and well-considered materials and structure of the workshop allowed a progressive evolution of personal learning and insight that unveiled the answers I was seeking. My facilitators and environment created a very safe container for me to explore my feelings without fear and to support others in my group. In addition, the food and facilities were outstanding and were of great benefit during my time of need. I am very thankful for my experience and consider the opportunity to participate in this program a tremendous gift to my life.

Workshop Attendee

What Our Attendees Say

“Elizabeth’s knowledge, approach, demeanor, and professionalism were all excellent.”

“Jen is amazing. So relatable, wise and her approach is gentle, caring, and effective.”

“I greatly appreciate this workshop. It is the first time I felt safe and at peace in a long time. I finally got validated.”

“I got oh so much more than I came for.”

“There are no words. This saved my life. You had the ability to see into my soul and get it right.”

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"My experience at Rio Retreat was honestly the best thing that has happened to me on my path to being mentally healthy."

Workshop Attendee

What Our Attendees Say

“This week was transformative. It awakened in me something that was dormant.”

“Shaul is extremely insightful, intuitive and plain brilliant. He was also warm but challenged us when we needed it.”

“Love, love, love this place.”

“It was everything and more — you redefine recovery.”

“Would recommend this workshop (Mending Heartwounds) for clients and especially loved ones.”

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"The Retreat, as a place, is top-notch. It is calm and relaxing. The food is amazing. The rooms are simple and unadorned, but not much time is spent there. The staff are friendly and always ready to help."

Workshop Attendee

What Our Attendees Say

“I came kicking and screaming but I’m now clinging to stay as we ended the week.”

“This certainly was not a panacea, I have a lot of work to do, but I have found the strength in myself to continue, to know that I can get better.”

“My week at the Retreat was emotionally and physically draining, but in a cleansing way.”

“An oasis in the desert. A healing sanctuary.”

“My facilitator was as skilled, intuitive, and masterful as any clinician I have ever witnessed or received therapy from.”

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"Before I went to Rio Retreat, I was afraid that I would only skim the surface of my problems and waste my time and money. It takes me a long time to warm up to people and be open with them. The therapist guiding my group was very good at making me feel safe and protected. I felt I could trust her to help me carry the heavy load of my issues. She carefully exposed the roots of my fears and insecurities. Then, helped me recontextualize them and take back some of my power over them."

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