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A Life of Healing is Our Passion

Life-Changing Experiences

We’re all human, and at times we may have a tendency to feel anxious, frustrated, inadequate, and a variety of other emotions when faced with life’s challenges and stresses. Rio Retreat’s transformative intensive workshops have been designed by mental health experts to help people struggling with unresolved emotional trauma, addictions, grief, or personal issues, gain the tools necessary to improve their lives.


About Us

Even if you’re already well on your healing journey and simply looking for emotional growth, the workshops provided by Rio Retreat Center take participants on a positive journey of personal reflection and self-discovery. Our experts have experience helping individuals identify the root causes of their negative behaviors and provide them with the tools necessary to transform their lives and begin making productive changes. All of Rio Retreat Center’s workshops are facilitated by licensed, master’s level therapists and certified professionals who eat, sleep, and breathe workshops. It’s what they’re passionate about, and that shows. And most workshops are now eligible for reimbursement through most insurance plans.


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With the Rio Retreat Center, we’ve created a safe and nurturing environment where people can gain deep personal insights into their issues, overcome obstacles. and jump-start their recovery.

Jean Collins-Stuckert, Executive Director

By Design and With Intention

Everything we do at Rio Retreat Center is deliberate, by design and with the intention of creating an optimum space for healing and growth to occur. Some people arrive excited about what’s ahead. Others are scared or skeptical, having spent a lot of time avoiding the pain of the past or an unhealthy present. People come here from a variety of very different places, but they leave in a very similar way: feeling really good about the work they accomplished. That’s our wish for everyone who comes through our doors, that they leave in a positive space, excited about what’s ahead — and they consistently do.



Choose from workshops that address a wide range of emotional trauma, grief, and loss, or focus on your relationships with others or explore areas for personal growth. We also offer professional development and private intensives for those needing an additional level of anonymity or customization.

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