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Shoulda Set Some Boundaries

By Caileigh Smith, MC, LAC We often try to motivate ourselves through should statements: “I should have done better.” “I shouldn’t have said that.” “I should only have one cookie.” Read More

Don’t Carry Shame into The New Year

By Caileigh Smith, MC, LAC Have you ever sent the wrong text message to the exact wrong person? I have. In fact, I did it recently. I sent a message about a person TO THAT person—the horror! The co...

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A Meditation on Grief

Lara Rosenberg is the Trauma Yoga consultant at The Meadows. In this video, she leads a brief meditation on grief: Read ...

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Helping Therapists Healing from Their Own Trauma

The Meadows has been facilitating its signature workshop, Survivors, for more than 30 years. Many people’s lives have been changed by the opportunity to confront the deep emotional impact of their chi...

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Yoga on One Leg: Recovery for Partners of Sex Addicts

By Nancy Greenlee, MAPC, LCPC “I am hurt and I’m devastated. Being married to my husband is like doing yoga on one leg,” said a recent workshop participant. “I’m trying to hold things together, but...

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How to (Finally) Find Love in the New Year

By Tracy Harder, MSC, LAC, Workshop Therapist and Andrea Sauceda Do you find yourself ending up in one painful, damaging, and disastrous relationship after another? Do you feel like a failure becau...

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