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Can I Be Emotionally Healthy if My Partner Isn’t?

By Christa Banister What looks like support to one person may look different to another, so asking questions specific to the situation can be helpful. Whether it’s watching one too many romantic comed...

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The Hallmarks of Codependency (and How to Heal)

By Melissa Chalos Most codependent people struggle with low self-esteem and don’t articulate their own needs in the relationship or at all. Healthy adult relationships are built on a mutual respect an...

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The Connection Between Trauma and Intimacy Disorders

By Melissa Riddle For men who have experienced sexual abuse, assault, or trauma, there are often lasting issues with intimacy. In recent years, conversations about sexual assault have become more com...

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Addiction in the Transgender Community

Considering that many federally funded surveys hadn’t factored gender identification or sexual identity into their data collection until 2015, the full scope of addiction — and mental health challenge...

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Good Relationships Don’t Just Happen

If a worldwide pandemic has taught us anything (other than the importance of washing our hands, maintaining social distance, and on a humorous note, how much humanity values toilet paper), it’s the in...

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Thriving in the New Year

We made it through the depressing mess that was 2020. While there’s no doubt the pandemic and all its devastation has followed us into 2021, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The peak has...

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