The Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows is a state-of-the-art facility designed with participants’ healing and empowerment in mind. Those who attend a workshop at the Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows will have the option to participate in additional onsite activities, as available, that can help them focus and unwind in ways that jump-start healing and recovery.

Yoga, Tai Chi, Movement Therapy & Acupuncture

Many alternative or progressive exercises have been proven to reduce stress and aid in healing. Join us for tai chi, yoga — and when available, goat yoga! — as well as our popular Movement Therapy where we explore sensation through free form movement that truly honors the playful inner child, sparking growth, optimism, and hope. These practices all focus on moving us out of the head and into the body, which is capable of providing clues as to what it needs if we’ll only listen. And by re-establishing our relationship to our physical bodies, we are better able to improve our relationship to our emotional bodies. We also incorporate auricular acupuncture at Rio Retreat, an ancient Chinese medicinal technique that eases pain, alleviates stress, and promotes wellness.

Pool, Workout Room, and Live Music

At Rio Retreat Center, guests who are lodging on the property can enjoy relaxing at the pool and working out in our workout room. Workshop participants will also have opportunities to unwind and socialize in the evenings during live music performances and other activities. (NOTE: The pool has seasonal access. It is closed from early October to late May.)

Challenge Course and Expressive Arts

Our challenge courses involve an intricate network of ropes, cables, and logs. All activities are designed to address issues that are being explored through workshops, including group communication, problem-solving, trust, planning, teamwork, facing fear, cooperation, understanding self, and self-esteem. For our creative participants, Rio Retreat offers expressive arts where individuals can express themselves through a variety of modalities ranging from painting to music therapy to psychodrama. [Note: The Challenge Course is not available during all workshops. It is available for family and couples workshops.]

Equine Experiential & Trail Rides

Through interactions with Rio Retreat Center’s horses and a short groundwork activity, participants can see patterns of behavior and discover truths that reinforce what they are learning in their workshops or their own personal healing journeys. Our horses are also available for trail rides through our scenic property, but you don’t need to ride to take advantage of our equine experiential. [Note: Trail rides are dependent on availability and weather conditions.]


Whether used as a virtual quest or simply as a tool for meditation and reflection, the ancient form of the labyrinth’s twists and turns continue to engage the imagination. Rio Retreat Center’s custom labyrinth is available to all workshop participants.

Brain Center

A self-service version of The Meadows’ full-size center, Rio Retreat’s Brain Center allows workshop participants to use neurofeedback and other techniques to self-regulate and prepare themselves for the deeper work of treatment.

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In addition, participants have the option of participating in 12-Step meetings, helping patients realize they’re not alone on their journey of recovery. At meetings, individuals have an opportunity to share their feelings and hear other people share their experience, strength, and hope.

To accompany your workshop experience, participants will be served three meals per day, each prepared by The Meadows’ extraordinary chef. Meals are catered to facilitate balanced nutrition as part of the overall holistic healing experience.

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