What to Bring

Practical information to make your stay at The Rio Retreat Center more comfortable.

Here are some tips and suggestions for what to bring to Rio Retreat Center and what to keep at home.


Our high Sonoran Desert climate produces cool mornings, hot days, and cool evening temperatures. Casual, comfortable clothing (fairly conservative in style) is strongly suggested.

Items appropriate to bring:

  • Jeans/slacks
  • Sweats/workout clothing
  • Knee-length shorts, skorts, skirts, dresses
  • Non-see-through leggings (if worn with a shirt that extends to mid-thigh)
  • Light jacket/cardigan
  • Tennis shoes, sandals, boots
  • T-shirts, polo-style shirts, collared shirts
  • Bathing suits (one-piece for females, trunks
    for males)

Items not to bring:

  • Mid-thigh (or shorter) shorts, skorts, skirts, dresses
  • Sleeveless shirts/tank tops
  • Clothing that references drugs, alcohol, sex, food
  • Other items as determined by the treatment team


Basic travel-size toiletries are provided in lodging rooms free of charge. There is also a limited amount of personal toiletry items available for purchase in the Bookstore.

Items appropriate to bring:

  • Non-alcoholic mouthwash
  • Emery boards/nail files (no longer than 1½ inches)
  • Electric/battery-operated razors or disposable razors
  • Shaving cream
  • Blow dryer
  • Curling iron

Items NOT to bring:

  • Mouthwash with alcohol
  • Straight razors
  • Colognes/perfumes


  • You are responsible for providing and taking any prescribed medications during the workshop. All medications should be presented during the intake screening for approval.
  • CPAP machines are permitted.


  • Cell phones and laptop use is approved ONLY during free time and breaks and only in the privacy of your room, NOT in common areas. Electronics must be left in your room during group times. Wi-Fi is provided in all lodging areas.
  • “White noise” machines are permitted.

Food or Drink

  • We can accommodate many dietary requests, including gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan diets.
  • Kosher foods can be ordered and delivered to our facility through Imperial Market & Deli at 602-384-6349. Participants are responsible for ordering food at least one week prior to the workshop and for the cost of kosher foods. There is no discount on the workshop if you are purchasing meals from Imperial Market & Deli.
  • Any outside food or beverage MUST be presented during the intake screening for approval and cannot be kept in participant’s rooms. Once approved, food and beverages need to be kept in our kitchen. Kitchen hours are from 7 am-9 pm.

Important Information

Smoking and vaping are permitted in designated areas only. Bring enough cigarettes for your estimated length of stay. You may bring your own pillow. Alarm clocks and linens are provided.

NOTE: The Meadows is not responsible for personal items kept in a patient’s possession. The Meadows provides access to a safe.

Do Not Bring to Rio Retreat Center

  • Cameras or other video/audio recording devices
  • Firearms or ammunition
  • Pocketknives or tools
  • Cooking appliances
  • Alcohol or other mood-altering substances
  • Chewing tobacco, pipes/cigars, snuff
  • Large amounts of cash
  • Mouthwash with alcohol
  • Straight razors
  • Colognes or perfumes