Personal Growth

Finding Acceptance and Achieve Lasting Change

Personal Growth Workshops at the Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows are designed to help you achieve lasting change and find acceptance using techniques like mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing, and psychodrama to address everything from self-defeating patterns and disordered eating, to unhealthy sexual behaviors, addiction, and shame.

Men’s Sexual Recovery

This workshop helps to resolve shame, sexual dilemmas, and self-destructive behaviors. It broadens many participants’ views about sexuality, as they learn how to have productive experiences, maintain positive relationships, and avoid the harmful patterns of the past. The workshop is best for those who want to jump-start their recovery process, prevent relapse, or acquire tools to support continued recovery.

THRIVE: Going to the Next Level

THRIVE is an intensive, 5-day workshop designed by world-renowned psychodramatist and Senior Fellow at The Meadows, Dr. Tian Dayton. The purpose of this workshop is to take you to the next level of recovery. The workshop provides a unique opportunity to engage in an exploration that will lead you to a greater sense of vitality and purpose. You will be guided through experiential group processes and psychodrama that will allow you to engage more fully and deeply with yourself and others. Use this workshop as a rare opportunity to carve out time to reflect and focus on yourself and what you want out of your life.

Coming Home: Reaching True Identity and Orientation Empowerment; For The LGBTQ+ Community

Coming Home is an experiential workshop specifically designed for the LGBTQ+ community. These individuals — wherever they are on their journey and however they identify, as a gender or sexual minority — have lived unique experiences. Coming together in a safe space with others who have also walked that path brings a sense of belonging and deep acceptance that is longed for.

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