Men's Sexual Recovery

Offering men healthy alternatives to compulsive sexuality

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More Information

Men’s Sexual Recovery addresses sexual obsession and compulsive behaviors. Men are often hesitant to discuss sexual feelings and experiences. Consequently, they carry burdens of shame and painful memories of unresolved sexual experiences or uncontrolled sexual behaviors. When appropriately managed, the sexual drive can be a positive and productive life force that compels us to form relationships that inspire us to live better lives. This inner drive is explored—with compassion, humor, and zest for life—as participants are reminded that sex can be enjoyable, fulfilling, and deeply meaningful.

This workshop helps to lift the shame and resolve sexual dilemmas and self-destructive behaviors. It broadens many participants’ views about sexuality, as they learn how to have productive experiences, maintain positive relationships, and avoid the harmful patterns of the past.

The workshop is best for those who want to jump-start their recovery process, prevent relapse, or acquire tools to support continued recovery.

Daily Schedule

Workshops run 8:30 am to 4:30 pm unless otherwise noted. The schedule is flexible, accommodating the group process.

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For more details about this workshop and to register, please contact us to speak to a Workshop Coordinator.


Men's Sexual Recovery

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