Private Intensives

For those who may need a higher level of anonymity

For some, seeking help also comes with a need for anonymity. While confidentiality is always important to us, some clients require a higher level of privacy. For Private Intensives, our team of highly qualified experts utilizes cutting-edge modalities to tailor an intensive workshop experience to the specific needs of each client or family. These are highly customizable, both in the number of days and the issues addressed. This specialized offering allows us the ability to utilize our finest key staff and targeted modalities.

What Intensives Are Designed For

Like our group workshops, private intensives are designed to help people dealing with anything from trauma and addiction to grief and other personal issues. Licensed professionals help individuals identify the root causes of negative behaviors and provide the tools necessary to make positive change. Clients in our private intensives have all of Rio Retreat Center’s resources at their fingertips with the added benefit of remaining anonymous throughout their stay. Our customizable short-term intensives can easily fit into their busy schedules and can also address issues between family members or spouses, allowing for whole family healing.

Private Intensive Features

  • Secluded setting to provide confidentiality
  • Highly customizable short-term program
  • Intensive workshop tailored to client’s specific needs
  • Change of location to allow freedom from daily distractions
  • Team of highly qualified experts utilizing state-of-the-art modalities
  • Flexible schedule in terms of length of stay and topics addressed
  • Can accommodate individuals, couples, or families
  • Ability to coordinate, collaborate and confer with referents & other professionals on their team
  • Sensitive to unique challenges of high-profile clients
  • Private transportation to and from the airport included, including private airports in Scottsdale and Wickenburg.

Who Attends a Private Intensive?

  • Professional athletes
  • Members of the entertainment industry: film, music, TV, modeling
  • Politicians
  • Paparazzi-pursued individuals
  • Corporate leaders
  • Partners and families of high profile individuals
  • Anyone who wouldn’t feel comfortable in a group setting and prefers to do their work privately

How Private Intensives Can Help

Intensives can:

  • Jump-start a recovery process, prevent relapse, or heighten existing recovery
  • Understand the impact childhood experiences have had on self-esteem and current functioning
  • Explore self-defeating patterns affecting your life negatively
  • Create an opportunity to heal from betrayal, whether from intimate partners or exploitation by marital, familial, relational, professional, or religious relationships
  • Release painful emotions and reclaim personal power
  • Provide psycho-education on anxiety, depression, and cyclic mood disorders as well as address issues that can exacerbate them
  • Explore painful, obsessive, addictive relationships or processes that negatively influence individuals and relationships
  • Explore unhealthy sexual patterns and behaviors that deeply impact the ability to connect relationally
  • Identify current boundary challenges and develop healthy boundaries
  • Improve communication to enhance relationships and connections
  • Increase self-esteem and practice better self-care
  • Influence future generations by breaking the cycle of unhealthy family relationships
  • Acquire tools to support continued recovery

This list is not exhaustive, and our experts are equipped to handle a wide range of emotional, relational and addiction issues. We are committed to individualized care and will do whatever it takes to help our clients on the road to health.

Committed to Your Privacy

It can be hard to get away from everyday life to spend the time you need to get well, especially if your everyday life is in the spotlight. Our private intensives work to make it easier, especially for people with busy schedules and public lives.


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