Love Addiction / Love Avoidance

Based on Pia Mellody's ground-breaking work conveyed in her book, Facing Love Addiction.

Workshop Quick Summary

Workshop: Love Addiction/Love Avoidance

Category: Relationships

What: A workshop that addresses the destructive cycles of both the love addict and the love avoidant, teaching them to practice self-love and self-care as they learn to find intimacy with healthy boundaries.

Who: Those who assign too much value to relationships, fear abandonment, neglect their own needs, put up walls to avoid connection, and struggle with an overdeveloped sense of responsibility

Cost: $3,450 (includes meals, evening activities, Brain Center and gym access)

Lodging: Reserve single or shared on-site rooms


All About This Workshop

Love addicts assign too much value, time, and attention to another person, while neglecting to care for or value themselves. Focus on the partner is obsessive, and fear of abandonment drives the obsession. Love addicts can be addicted to anyone: lover, spouse, friend, parent, or child. It is a painful process that negatively impacts not only the love addict, but also the individuals with whom he or she is in relationships.

Conversely, the love avoidant systematically uses relational walls during intimate contact in order to prevent feeling overwhelmed by the other person, associating “love” with duty or work. The love avoidant’s greatest fear is that of vulnerability, which is explored throughout the workshop. During this process, authenticity is encouraged, and an overdeveloped sense of responsibility is released.

In this workshop, based on Pia Mellody’s groundbreaking book Facing Love Addiction, self-love and self-care are enhanced while a tolerance for feeling is instilled. The focus is on interrupting the destructive cycles of both the love addict and the love avoidant, helping them learn to find intimacy with healthy boundaries.

Cost: $3,450, which includes

  • meals
  • evening activities (yoga, tai chi, auricular acupuncture, live music)
  • 12-Step meeting
  • Brain Spa access
  • gym access

Lodging and Transportation

Lodging is available at the Rio Retreat Center on a first-come, first-served basis. Rooms are simply appointed and designed to be conducive to the process of healing and recovery. We offer both shared and private rooms. For those staying on campus, transportation will be available from and to the Phoenix airport with two convenient pickup times. Details will be sent with your confirmation email upon completion of the sign-up process.

Those who do not stay at the Rio Retreat Center will be responsible for their own transportation and lodging in the Wickenburg area. A list of lodging and transportation options will be sent with your workshop confirmation email.

The Fine Print:

Workshop groups run Monday through Friday from approximately 8:30 am to 4 pm. The schedule is somewhat flexible to accommodate the size of the group and the group process. Evening programming is provided after dinner. The Rio Retreat Center campus is strictly alcohol-and drug-free, and we have a dress code, cell phone, and smoking policy.

For more details about this workshop and to register, please contact us to speak to a Workshop Coordinator.


Love Addiction/Love Avoidance Workshop

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