Survivors II

Alumni Continuing the Healing Journey

To take this workshop, you must complete the prerequisite: Survivors I

Workshop Quick Summary

Workshop: Survivors II (completing Survivors I is a prerequisite to register)

Category: Emotional Trauma

What: A continuation of our essential Survivors I, this standalone workshop builds on that foundation

Who: Alumni of any Meadows Behavioral Healthcare inpatient program or anyone who has completed our Survivors I workshop and wants to continue the groundbreaking work accomplished in those sessions

Cost: $3,450 (includes meals, evening activities, Brain Spa and gym access)

Lodging: Reserve single or shared on-site rooms

All About This Workshop

Survivors II is an advanced intensive workshop customized to meet the needs of alumni of our inpatient treatment programs or our Survivors I standalone workshop, with participants using this advanced insight and awareness they’ve gained to further the initial work done. Designed for those with unresolved childhood and/or adult relational trauma who are seeking healing and freedom from lingering emotional and behavioral struggles, this workshop builds on the healing work accomplished in Survivors I. Primarily experiential in nature, Survivors II encompasses psychodrama, art therapy, mindfulness, psychoeducation, and other therapeutic techniques to fulfill the needs of each group participant. This collective group of alumni allows for deep work to transpire, taking our essential Survivors course to the next level.

Cost: $3,450, which includes

  • meals
  • evening activities (yoga, tai chi, auricular acupuncture, live music)
  • 12-Step meeting
  • Brain Spa access
  • gym access

Lodging and Transportation

Lodging is available at the Rio Retreat Center on a first-come, first-served basis. Rooms are simply appointed and designed to be conducive to the process of healing and recovery. We offer both shared and private rooms. For those staying on campus, transportation will be available from and to the Phoenix airport with two convenient pickup times. Details will be sent with your confirmation email upon completion of the sign-up process.

Those who do not stay at the Rio Retreat Center will be responsible for their own transportation and lodging in the Wickenburg area. A list of lodging and transportation options will be sent with your workshop confirmation email.

The Fine Print:

Workshop groups run Monday through Friday from approximately 8:30 am to 4 pm. The schedule is somewhat flexible to accommodate the size of the group and the group process. Evening programming is provided after dinner. The Rio Retreat Center campus is strictly alcohol-and drug-free, and we have a dress code, cell phone, and smoking policy.

For more details about this workshop and to register, please contact us to speak to a Workshop Coordinator.


Survivors II

Jan 11 - 15, 2021

Feb 8 - 12, 2021

Mar 8 - 12, 2021

Apr 5 - 9, 2021

May 3 - 7, 2021

May 31 - Jun 4, 2021

Jul 5 - 9, 2021

Aug 2 - 6, 2021

Sep 6 - 10, 2021

Oct 4 - 8, 2021

Nov 1 - 5, 2021

Dec 6 - 10, 2021

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