at Rio Retreat Center

Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows offers workshops that can bring healing and empowerment to individuals in various stages of their journey.

Transform Your Life

We have been offering workshops for more than three decades, and there’s something for everyone. Choose from options in three different categories: emotional trauma, relationships, or personal growth. Some people come to heighten their existing recovery or because they’ve hit a plateau. Others just want to make some changes or experience personal growth. We all have issues. For a lot of our participants, this is their very first time doing something emotionally therapeutic.


How Workshops Work

If you are already on a healing journey or want to start down that path, our workshops provide an opportunity to take a deep dive into a topic. Our intensive five-day programs have been highly effective at jumpstarting the healing process or allowing someone already making progress to confront a stumbling block or obstacle that has kept them from continuing to move forward. Participants work on sensitive issues in a concentrated format, allowing them to enhance any recovery work they’ve already done, gaining insight into unhealthy patterns and practicing new relational skills within a safe environment. So much can be accomplished in a week, making workshops a great value in behavioral health.

One thing that sets our workshops apart is that our facilitators are dedicated to workshops. That’s all they do. They not only have specializations in the specific workshop that they are facilitating, but they also specialize in doing it workshop-style, meaning in a five-day intensive format. For our staff, this is their passion — and it shows.


Strengthen your marriage, family relationships, and friendships.


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Personal Growth

Understand your own needs, desires, emotions, habits, and everything else that makes you who you are.

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Professional Development

Gain additional skills and insights for your work as a mental health or addiction professional.


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Private Intensives

Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows offers confidential and customized private intensives for individuals who may require a higher level of anonymity. Our team of highly qualified experts utilizes cutting-edge modalities to tailor an intensive workshop experience to the specific needs of each client or family and can accommodate a flexible schedule.


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"At Rio Retreat Center, you can accomplish in five days what might take you a year or two in that 50-minute therapy hour every week. It’s really transformational."


When Is a Workshop Not the Right Fit?

Our workshops don’t take the place of inpatient treatment or an intensive outpatient program (our Meadows Behavioral Healthcare family of treatment programs can help those needing a higher level of care). Workshops are not appropriate for anyone:

  • Currently in active addiction
  • Currently engaging in self-harm
  • Having heavy suicidal ideation
  • Who has had recent suicidal behavior

While these individuals may likely benefit from our workshops at a later point when they have more stability, they likely need a higher level of care first.