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Why Do I Keep Ending Up Here Again?

Addictions, relationships that don't seem to work, unexplained fears, constant feelings of being different or just not belonging anywhere in…

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Neglect: The Silent Scream

Neglect is often discussed in conjunction with other forms of child abuse and lacks definition; for many, I believe, it…

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Rebuilding Trust After Sexual Betrayal

By John Parker, MS, LMFT, SATP, CSA Trust is a funny thing; it disappears in an instant and yet takes…

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The Spirit Equine Workshop

Three-day Spirit Somatic Equine Workshop…the exhale. So much of our lives are spent doing for others; doing to understand; being…

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Building a Recovery Tribe with Senior Fellow Jenni Schaefer

While building a tribe can be scary at times, like other things in recovery, it can also be exciting. Our…

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When Sex Addiction Has Turned Your World Upside Down, What Do You Do?

By Maia Pellegrini, LMSW, CSAT-Candidate Workshop Facilitator, Rio Retreat People who identify as sex addicts and partners of sex addicts…

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